What do you want to create?

One of our favorite questions to ask and answer…the year ahead offers some unique opportunities to share a process of life creation developed by Dr. Pam Garcy.

These workshops are designed to shake it up & get people going with passion…we can’t wait to share them!

The workshops fall under the bigger title “ALCS”

ALCS = Amazing Life Creator Series!

What is ALCS?  These are workshops designed to create lives that feel meaningful.  You can hire Dr. Pam to

  • come to your family/friend sphere, coach your family and friends for a year, and provide these trainings privately in your home or in the location of your choosing!
  • come to your organization, coach your employees, and provide these trainings throughout the year for a most powerful “secret weapon”!

Limiting Belief Releaser, to help you to heal from the emotional wounds caused by limiting beliefs and learn a method to move forward.

Attitude Enhancer, to help you learn to recognize and learn a method for releasing negative attitudes.  Also to help you to harness, grow, and maintain a more uplifting, empowered attitude!

Fearless You Jedi Master Training, to help you to approach the world with clarity, purpose, passion, and vision!  To help you to diminish fear, take risks, and move out of your comfort zone!  To help you release that which gets in your way & become more flexible, moving through life from the viewpoint of someone who proactively creates your life rather than unconsciously reacting to it!

Dream Reawakening, to help you to connect and reawaken to your dreams!  Through a specialized process, you’ll connect with others, revisit the dreams you’ve tossed aside, and reconnect with what you really want for your live going forward.

“Miss Interpretation”, funny & delightfully designed to help you to identify and laugh at many of the ideas that hold us back, slow us down, stand in our way, or even stop us from achieving our maximum potential in life.

Getting The Life You Want, to help you create the ultimate life from the space of inner guidance, flow, ease, connection, and creation!  You’ll learn how to live your happiest life by staying in alignment, returning to happiness daily, and living with spontaneous self direction.


Dr. Pam Garcy & staff