What do you want to create?

One of my favorite questions to ask and answer…the year ahead offers some unique opportunities to share a process of life creation that is going to shake it up & get people going…I can’t wait!

The name of this three part series is “ALCS”

ACLS = Amazing Life Creator Series

What is ALCS?  Three full day workshops designed to rock your world inn 2014…

Attitude Enhancer, to help you learn to recognize and learn a method for releasing negative attitudes.  Also to help you to harness, grow, and maintain a more uplifting, empowered attitude!  9/20/14

Fearless You Jedi Master Training, to help you to approach the world with clarity, purpose, passion, and vision!  To help you to diminish fear, take risks, and move out of your comfort zone!  To help you release that which gets in your way & become more flexible, moving through life from the viewpoint of someone who proactively creates your life rather than unconsciously reacting to it!  11/1/14

Dates = 9/20/14. 11/1/14.

Although you can register for just one & can benefit from attending any of these workshops, they also build upon each other & I would highly recommend you register for all 3 for optimal benefit.

Go here for registration

You can pay via paypal to [masked] or you can mail a check/credit card information to me at 4222 Trinity Mills Road, Suite 106, Dallas, TX, 75287.  Front desk phone number is [masked].  (If you decide to mail your or call me withyour credit card information, please be ready to provide your credit card number & expiration date.)  Once you’ve registered, I will change your RSVP to reflect this.

This full day workshop is also open to my clients and other meetup groups.


Dr. Pam Garcy