About Dr. Pam Garcy


Dr. Pam Garcy is a success coach and a therapist who practices in Dallas, Texas.

As a #1 bestselling author of The Power of Inner Guidance and other personal development books, Dr. Pam has mastered principles and tools that she uses to help her clients to up-level their lives.

Dr. Pam coaches and trains people (ranging from business owners to professionals) who are wanting to create the next level of success in their careers or personal lives, applying Jack Canfield’s principles of success in addition to Steve Chandler’s fearless distinctions in her coaching and training.

Pam received her BA from Rice University in Houston, Texas (also known as the Harvard of the southwest).  She got her MA at University of Houston Clear Lake and her PhD at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Pam is happily married to a wonderful man (they’ve been married 25 years), and she is the proud mother of three awesome kids.